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Lake Treverse: Algonquin Park

Package 7: Arrow Team Challenge

Are you interested in becoming involved in a team building challenge, workshop, and camping retreat? Please, join us! Package is available for groups only.

Our special Arrow Team Challenge involves:

  • Setting up camp and starting a fire
  • Team challenges
  • Team building workshop
  • Where do you fit on the team?
  • What is your role? Spoken or unspoken?
  • Solving team problems with the use of the environment
  • Seeking a team vision
  • Team sabotage
  • What's in it for me?
  • Plodding as a team or flying like eagles
  • Staying stuck or moving on
  • Seeking future directions that are possible
  • Fireside stories, music, and ceremonies

Of course, all of this is offered in a wilderness setting of great beauty...

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