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Barron Canyon: Canoe Trips

Package 5: Can You Canoe?

Do you love to canoe, are you an experienced canoer, or would you like to learn? For the beginner or the novice, come and join us for a relaxing canoe and day trip to the breathtaking Barron Canyon, in Algonquin Park, or on the beautiful shores of Golden Lake.

Day trips include a picnic lunch and instruction on canoeing, portaging, water and canoe safety, and learning how to effectively pack gear into a canoe.

During your trip you will have many opportunities for swimming and quiet time. Be sure to bring your camera, as Golden Lake and Algonquin park are breathtaking and scenic, and you may get a chance to capture some wild life!

Length: 5-6 Hours
Included: Lunch & Equipment

Adults: $60.00/person
Children (8-12 years): $30.00/person

(canoe rental not included)

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